DIY kids costumes | Dallas family photographer

As many of you have been doing this season, we went to our church’s “Pumpkinfest” the other night with all the other littles dressed up in their Halloween best. Well, originally, Vera was supposed to dress up like Rapunzel and Ike was going to be Flynn Rider…however, we didn’t make the costume exchange in time (plus, knowing my kids, the costumes would pretty much be ruined at something like this anyway). With hotdogs and ketchup and red snow cones, I didn’t really want to risk it. So we were challenged to come up with some quick last minute DIY kids costumes. Now, pretty much anyone can throw together a costume with the supplies you already have. Read more

Dallas Family Photographer | My Kitchen Makeover

Oh my goodness. So we have always known that our kitchen was less than glorious, and that we wanted to try to update. There were a few options that we explored for our kitchen makeover. The first option was a complete gut. Once we looked at the cost, it just seemed ridiculous. We aren’t flipping this house, and we don’t have an unlimited budget. The cabinets were in decent shape, they just happened to be ugly. The countertops were okay, they just stained at the drop of a hat, and were impossible to keep clean. I began researching the best and fastest way to paint cabinets when I found Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Um….AMAZING. So before I reveal our kitchen makeover, I took a few pictures before we began our DIY remodel. As you can see, the cabinets were nothing special, and the countertops were just lame. So here’s what we were working with… Read more