Painting with kids | Richardson portrait painter

What I’ve always loved (deep down in the bottom of my soul) was putting paint to canvas….specifically as a portrait painter. I loved it so much, I even went through four years of college to receive my degree in painting! I’ve always seen myself as a “painter of light” with photography, and I’ve applied my painting knowledge and technique in a different way with this medium. Read more

DIY kids costumes | Dallas family photographer

As many of you have been doing this season, we went to our church’s “Pumpkinfest” the other night with all the other littles dressed up in their Halloween best. Well, originally, Vera was supposed to dress up like Rapunzel and Ike was going to be Flynn Rider…however, we didn’t make the costume exchange in time (plus, knowing my kids, the costumes would pretty much be ruined at something like this anyway). With hotdogs and ketchup and red snow cones, I didn’t really want to risk it. So we were challenged to come up with some quick last minute DIY kids costumes. Now, pretty much anyone can throw together a costume with the supplies you already have. Read more

Dallas Family Photographer | Ike’s first birthday

Okay, so Ike turned one in March…and it’s August…and I’m just now posting about his birthday party. So sue me. We’ve just had so much going on, that there just hasn’t been much time for me to do anything! That, and anything that was extremely necessary got put to the back burner. (Sorry Ike!) Anyway, when trying to think of a party theme, we wanted to make sure that it was very much “Ike.” If you know anything about our little man, you know that he is ALWAYS hungry and will eat almost anything you set in front of him! Enter “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” Read more

Dallas Family Photographer | Taking your Toddler to the dentist

So my daughter Vera is a little bit feisty…okay, a LOT feisty. Naturally, we were a tiny bit nervous about her very first trip to the dentist. My brother-in-law, Dr. Joshua Smith, is an excellent dentist in the Burleson area, and we had hoped that her actually knowing and liking him would be a plus. But this was no guarantee for an event-free visit. Here are a few things that we did to help prepare our slightly challenging preschooler for her first time getting her teeth cleaned. Read more

Dallas Family Photographer | My Kitchen Makeover

Oh my goodness. So we have always known that our kitchen was less than glorious, and that we wanted to try to update. There were a few options that we explored for our kitchen makeover. The first option was a complete gut. Once we looked at the cost, it just seemed ridiculous. We aren’t flipping this house, and we don’t have an unlimited budget. The cabinets were in decent shape, they just happened to be ugly. The countertops were okay, they just stained at the drop of a hat, and were impossible to keep clean. I began researching the best and fastest way to paint cabinets when I found Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Um….AMAZING. So before I reveal our kitchen makeover, I took a few pictures before we began our DIY remodel. As you can see, the cabinets were nothing special, and the countertops were just lame. So here’s what we were working with… Read more

Dallas Family Photographer | Vera’s First and Last Day of School

So here’s my little big girl on her very first day of preschool. We had put sponge rollers in her hair, and picked out the perfect outfit. Her favorite colors were (and still are) pink and purple (of course) and she still tells me how I need to start wearing bows just like her. I made sure to snap a few pictures that morning before I dropped her off. So if you scroll down…

First day of school pictures
curly pigtails what to wear on the first day of school
pink converse tennis shoes and Barefeet Photography by Taylor Jackson

And here she is on her last day. She’s growing up so fast! Oh goodness. And yes, I am the mother who dresses her child in the same outfit for the first and last day of school. So shoot me. And look at Ike! When we first took Vera to school, Ike was so little that he was hanging out with me in the Ergo while I took pics of our little preschooler. Now, he’s walking around like a big guy and really starting to develop a sweet little relationship with his big sister. Vera is still as pretty and precocious as ever. We are currently working on steering all that energy toward something good!

sweet little collared shirt and pigtails

With all that to say, this year has flown by, and has made me really look at the way I spend my time. My children will only be young for such a small amount of time. Sometimes, life seems overwhelming with two little ones at home! I often wonder how my own mother did it with six! It’s very easy to hop on Facebook or to check this blog and that Instagram and start wasting my day away. While these things in themselves are not bad, they can be quite the distraction from the real life that’s happening around me. I’ve been really trying to be intentional in what I do everyday with my family. Loving on them, playing with them, being with them…not just there but actually present. I found a few things to be helpful to me as I strive for something better than where I was! Maybe in me sharing my short list of helpful “being in the moment” tips, it might help someone else!

1) Eliminate Facebook from your phone. While this is not the easiest thing to do–believe me…it was deleted several times–I found that I was able to really focus without the constant temptation to check out what’s going on in the social world of Facebook. Plus, at the end of the day, I don’t really want Vera and Ike to grow up thinking that they were second place to my phone.

2) Get some kind of tracker for your computer or phone to let you know how you’re spending your time. I found this especially helpful! When I saw (visually…like a graph) how much time I was spending editing, checking blogs, general hanging out on the computer, it was helpful to know where I needed to improve.

3) Set aside specific times to check and respond to emails. Many of you may have noticed that I take a while to respond to emails. Whoops! I know. It’s intentional.

4) Pray about being intentional. Pray. Pray. Pray more. When you start to change the conversation in your heart, the temptation to mindlessly waste time will become less and less.

5) Start to think of ways you can reach your children, your husband, and your family. What is it that truly gets them excited? Is it Taco Tuesday? Is it picnics in the backyard? What about finding something you can do together that’s fun for all of you?

Well, there it is. That’s what I’ve done! Let me know what you’ve done to try to curb the amount of time you spend away from loving on and being with your family!

sweet playing siblings on the front porch
little girl in a sweet little tutu
princess backpack
precious little preschooler grinning on the last day of school
little kid's tennis shoes
Princess backpack shot by Barefeet Photography

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Dallas Family Photographer | Cora & Ike

Oh. My. Goodness. Just thought I’d warm your heart by posting this fabulous one-year-old friend session. We’re going ahead and saving these for their wedding slideshow one day. Enjoy!

beautiful sunset one year session out in nature in Coppell
Cute boy on an antique suitcase in Southlake
sweet friends for a child photography session on location
Best child and family photographer in the North Dallas area
how to get good candid pictures of children
sweet child and family photographer in Lewisville
black and white images of child with their lovey

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Dallas Family Photographer | Vera Pie’s first haircut

Oh my sweet little Vera Pie. You truly light up the room with your beautiful teethy grin and that gorgeous blonde hair of yours. The other day, we went in for your first hair cut. I was so proud of you! You were a doll, and didn’t cry one bit! I think you like being pampered…a girl after my own heart. You are a girly girl through and through. Always wanting to wear tutus and dresses. I love being able to capture small “life moments” with my camera as you begin to make your own way in this world. It makes me realize how quickly you’ve grown up! Never stop sharing that infectious laugh with others. You’re my girl, and I love you.

gingham pink and white dress in a backyard photo session
candid portrait photography in the Dallas area
quick photo session ideas
first haircut pigtails and crewcuts in Highland Village
child's first haircut
child sucking their fingers in a picture Dallas child photographer
airplane child's seat and child's blankie
silver sparkly Toms shoes in a photo session in Coppell
natural light photography in Highland Village
Cute candid family and child photographer in Southlake
curled and styled hair for children in portrait photography in Coppell

Barefeet Photography specializes in family, senior, newborn and wedding photography in Dallas, Texas and surrounding areas including but not limited to Richardson and Plano.