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So here’s another installment in the Love Momma series that I’ve been capturing from the perspective of a lifestyle photographer. Today, we’ll be looking at Lucy and her sweet little gal Elle and how they love to go grocery shopping together. I met this crew at Aldi and watched them gather and fill their cart, all while Elle was excited to be so helpful to her Momma. As a Richardson lifestyle shoot, I think this one perfectly captures the wonder and awe that is a grocery store when you’re a child. From this set of pictures, we will be hearing from the lovely Lucy and her littlest muffin…

Elle, like many small children, loves to help with the everyday jobs. When Taylor approached me with the idea for this series, I knew I wanted to get our photos at the grocery store. Elle is a rock star at the grocery store and it is somewhere I never take photos even though it is such a part of our normal activities. Elle can get items off the shelf, pick out yogurt flavors, help me check the eggs, and count the pieces of produce we need to get. We talk about colors, numbers,and she follows instructions. We all feel great when we know we are being useful and helpful, even the tiniest of us. Love my little helper and thank you to Taylor for seeing the value in capturing the simple but important moments of a stay at home mom’s labor of love.
Richardson lifestyle photographer

As you can see, even the most mundane of chores can be captured through the lens of a camera in a special way! I made sure to get the tiniest details of the trip (a quick picture of cucumbers) to help tell the story. It’s also important with little ones to get on their level when capturing them in a natural environment. The below picture wouldn’t have been nearly as sweet if I wasn’t right there at her height!

black and white candids of a Richardson family during a lifestyle shoot
helpful photo tips when taking candid pictures of your children

It’s also a good idea to remember to change lenses, creating much desired variety! I kept switching from my wide angle (24mm prime) to my closer lens (50 mm prime) to make sure their was a good amount of change in the feel of my images. Sometimes, in a place like a grocery store, it’s hard to see the beauty in the simple. Make sure to see the fruits, veggies, and other items as possible interesting background or needed color for an shot.

grocery shopping with mom
how can littles help at the grocery store
Richardson family photographer

Thank you so much to Lucy and Elle for letting into your daily routine! You guys were a blast to work with, and I hope you love your images!

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