Painting with kids | Richardson portrait painter

What I’ve always loved (deep down in the bottom of my soul) was putting paint to canvas….specifically as a portrait painter. I loved it so much, I even went through four years of college to receive my degree in painting! I’ve always seen myself as a “painter of light” with photography, and I’ve applied my painting knowledge and technique in a different way with this medium.

About a year ago, I was thinking a lot about how many hours I spent painting in my college studio. I thought about it a WHOLE lot. And then one day during naptime, I got out my paintbrushes and acrylics. Vera (my five-year-old) was staying up from naps, and I decided to let her paint with me. Something magical happened that day. Truly magic. Painting made me feel totally free and real and alive. I remembered why I loved painting to begin with. I’ve been painting almost daily ever since, and I’ve produced some quite lovely portraits!

Portraits have always been a favorite of mine (which is probably why I’m a portrait photographer)! I began thinking…why did I ever stop painting? Life maybe? Three kids? But I’ve chosen to continue being a portrait painter because it truly brings me great joy! Starting now, I will be offering portrait sessions that can be purchased with a custom painting included. If you’re interested in having me capture your child in a one-of-a-kind piece of art, contact me, and I’d love to talk with you!

fine art portrait artist in Dallas using acrylic paints and a modern approach
Stunning child portrait painter in Highland Park with beautiful modern art
tasteful portrait painter in the Dallas area of Dallas Children
Brilliant colors in a modern take on portrait painting in Dallas

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