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  • A Mommy’s Guide to Taking Better Pictures – PDF


    My newly released book, A Mommy’s Guide to Taking Better Pictures, is finally out there! This book stemmed from my workshops that I’ve been hosting over the past four years. It’s really focused on giving moms with nice cameras the knowledge to help them truly succeed with their cameras. If you’re just starting out with your camera, and you’re having a rough time…this is the book for you! It’s in easily understood language with some humor sprinkled here and there. This is the downloadable version.

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Product Description

For the last four years, I’ve been teaching mommies just like you how to put their cameras to work to visually preserve and share their families’ stories! Believe me, when you first get a nice camera, all the technological mumbo-jumbo of operating that camera can be overwhelming. Perhaps your “vision” doesn’t ever seem to pan out in your images. What about blurry pictures or poor lighting? Rest assured, these are all common problems experienced by amateur photographers who are beginning to get to know their cameras. If you’ve purchased A Mommy’s Guide to Taking Better Pictures, you’re already on the right track! Now get ready to dig in as I let you in on some of the tricks of the trade that will help you create lasting and beautiful images of your family and children for years to come! This book will help with lighting, posing, candid photography, as well as a few tips on how to manually set your camera. If you’re more of a “grab and go” kinda gal, the downloadable version is totally for you! A physical magazine copy is also available in the store.


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